Thanks to all of the artists that have participated in our project, the auction is set to happen June 2nd, 2011 at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. We would love to have you all there. Please find more information and RSVP here.

Post Title. 05/18/2011
Hello artists!
We wanted to remind you that the deadline for completed art is Monday, May 23. Please come get a panel if you haven't already, and return it to 645 Walnut real soon! 

And here are some links to art by people who will be creating something for us:
Thanks Vincent. Amazing skills.
Panel Palooza 04/25/2011
Panels can be snagged a variety of ways. Click here for details. The panels provided are About 6.5 by 11. For the gallery show and for buyers a rectangular piece works better. But the actual panel on the bikes is shaped like the diagram above. As you plot out your piece it's worth making not that the lower right and left corners will be crapped as your art goes from the rectangular piece in the show to the reproduction on a bike panel.
It's official. We're gonna do this. Bikes and art just naturally go together so why not make it happen at launch? The baskets on 50 Boulder B-cycle bikes will be transformed from advertising space into art space.

Why: Why not? Maybe because we wonder what would happen if people saw more art and fewer ads.

Who: We're looking for Colorado front range artists of all abilities interested in bringing art out of the gallery and onto the streets.

What: Ads2Art is a project designed to turn Boulder, Colorado, bike sharing into the most creative and inspired in the country. The Fearless Fund has donated $50k to Boulder B-cycle, and they have directed that donation towards 50 bikes worth of annual basket advertising. So, soon all of these bikes will whip around town spreading the visual feast of the best artists from Boulder, Denver and the front range.
The 25 selected artist panels will grace the bikes and rip around Boulder for one year, as will the work of another 25 artists whose work fetches the highest price at auction.

When: Soon. Very soon. So get your panel now. The Ads2Art Gala Evening will be June 2, 2011, 6-9PM at
Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, 1750 13th Street, Boulder, CO
All of the panels will be on display and auctioned.


Be one of 50 selected artists whose work will tour the streets of Boulder for a year.
Ads2Art is accepting applications for 50 selected artists now. So, spread the word and let's make this a great example of how art can inspire even more as it leaves the gallery and hits the streets. Artists can apply here on the site or through to be a selected artist and receive a basket panel.

All original art work will go to the buyers and reproductions will be applied to the bikes. All proceeds generated at auction and through the sale of panels go to B-cycle.